The Renaissance Revival Investment Package

Atty. Thomson currently lives in 501 Spriggs St. so there is no income recorded for this property(Potentially a $3000 monthly rental rate).  Amelia Management(Atty. Thomson’s management company) will agree to a one year contract to continue the management of this portfolio.

Attorney Charles Thomson has procured twelve properties in the past several years and now desires to sell in order to concentrate his real estate efforts on a multi-million dollar commercial/residential project that he currently has under construction. The owner will not sell these properties individually, only as a package.

This collection of distinct properties would be particularly attractive to a buyer who desires to live in Charles City, Iowa and personally manage their own investment portfolio. These properties would also serve as excellent investments for private individuals or real estate funds that desire the properties to be under management (this portfolio is currently managed by Amelia Management LLC).

Included Charles City, Iowa parcels:

  1. 501 Spriggs St: Attorney Thomson’s private residence, a Renaissance Revival Brick home, circa 1902
  2. 1110 N. Grand: a vast commercial complex with storage units, business offices, retail space, and cold storage space.
  3. 206 N. Main: a Main Street commercial building with main level offices and second story apartments
  4. 208 N. Main: a Main Street commercial building with main level offices and second story apartments
  5. 2652 Harvey St: Triplex, three (2 bedroom) units plus three garages
  6. 505 Kellogg: Five-plex (all two bedroom units)
  7. 402 15th Ave: single family one bedroom home
  8. 503 Riverside: single story two bedroom home
  9. 501 Riverside: single story two bedroom home (1929 Arts & Crafts home)
  10. 706 N. Johnson: 1.75 story 3 bedroom home
  11. 704 Cedar St: single story 2-3 bedroom home
  12. 703 N. Jackson: two story, 3 bedroom home

Complete financial information available upon request to pre-qualified buyers. Confidentially agreement required.

Current Gross Monthly Rent Income:


Current Monthly Expenses:

 (including insurance, property taxes, utilities, water, sales tax, management fee)


This portfolio will not be divided or units sold individually.

Contact Connie Parson at 800-471-6597 for further information.

Total Purchase Price of $2,400,000